Monday, 14 March 2011

Progress At Last!

Apologies, I've been a bad, bad blogger!

I am so sorry that I havent kept the blog up to date, unfortuntely I just havent had the time to stitch on her.

Its not all bad though, I am now working as a commission stitcher for for Origin, so I stitch projects for Crazy, Gold, WOCS and Card Shop as you can imagine, this keeps me very busy!

For the last few months I have stitched soooooo many hours on tons of different projects, but nothing of my own :(. But I wont complain because I love my job! There arent many jobs where you can work at home, watching telly, listening to the radio or just chilling in your PJs.

Its taken me a while, but I have now gotten to grips with planning my time to meet deadlines whilst finding a bit of a balance between working and everything else.

This weekend I found myself in an unusual position, I finished my latest commission, but had nothing else waiting, this was just the opportunity I had been waiting for.

She is now back on the frame! Woop! Also, the floor stand I purchased to help me stitch faster for work, is making handling all this heavy fabric much easier.

So far I have done about 1400 stitches into the new page, I have an evening of stitching planned tonight and its looking like my new work wont get here until Wednesday, which means lots and lots of stitching time just for me!

I'm hoping to get half a page done before I have to put her away again and will pop up a new update with a picture as soon as I can