Thursday, 13 September 2012

Other Crafts :)

As I mentioned in the interview with Cathy, I do find it hard to work on such a big project at times and I do enjoy lots of other crafts, in addition to my drawing, I have started to experiment with knitting and crocheting toys and amigurumi.

These are a few of my recent knitted toys, as you can see I have become a little addicted to Alan Darts patterns

I've also had a few tries at designing my own amigurumi, the first one is The Worm, inspired by the Labyrinth film, I think he turned out pretty cute :) And the next one was a little knitted grim reaper, ready for halloween.

Featured In World Of Cross Stitching Magazine!!!

I was contacted a couple of months ago by Cathy Lewis, who had spotted my project on this blog, I answered a few questions and send a couple of pictures, then I must admit, I forgot about it lol.

I was so surprised to open up my sub issue 195 and see, there I am on pages 68 and 69 :) Woop!!

It is a really lovely write up and I am so grateful to Cathy for writing it. I have attached a picture below if you would like a peek, it also made my sons day to see his picture in one of my magazines.

Fame at last? lol

Could there be a better push to get me stitching again? I dont think so, lol, needles are being threaded as we speak :)  I am hoping to start working on one of the eyes soon and am really interested to see how they stitch up, I will share some more pictures of her as soon as I can.

Thank you to everyone who takes the time to read and reply to my blog, I hope I can share more pictures with you very soon!

Monday, 10 September 2012

The Biggest Hoop I've Ever Seen!

Stitching on Night Queen is slow, but she is coming along, my newest purchase is really helping, I have to this the biggest hoop you have ever seen! lol

It is a quilting hoop, 21 inches across and very sturdy, its made a big difference, I can keep her on the hoop all the time and I cover with a clean sheet to stop it getting mucky, but I can just pop in a stitch whenever I like.

Before it would take me a good half an hour to get it out, on the hoop, organise the threads etc, this is much easier :)  Plus the area inside the hoop will fit an entire page worth of stitching, so I dont have to keep moving it around all the time.

I purchased it from the always brilliant