Friday, 9 May 2014

Four Years & No Finish? Really!!

I know, it has been forever since I posted my last page finish and all that time, Night Queen has sat rolled up in her overnight bag, not a stitch to be seen.

Until yesterday.  I found myself in a rare position of having a few days where nothing NEEDED to be done, I do have work to do but the deadline is an age away.  I could be working on some art practice or one of my animal portraits, but, just for once, I wanted to do something just for me.

It took me over an hour to get all my bits and pieces together and get her back on her quilting hoop, then I looked through the chart and sighed, still another 7 pages to go........

I put in those first few stitches of the day, then a few hundred more and before the day had finished she was over 1000 stitches closer to being finished.  

Reading through my blog, I discovered that I started her four years ago, FOUR YEARS!!! And she is no where near to be finished.  I am embarrassed and shocked at myself.  When I started, I thought it would take a year or two.    At this rate, an average of 3 pages per year, it will likely be a 6-7 year project :(

I stamped my feet for a bit, had a fairly sizeable tantrum, but then sat back down to stitch. I don't want her to be a 6 year project, I don't even want her to be a 5 year project.

So, I seem to have found a bit of momentum and determination.  From this point on, I am going for the finish!  It won't be easy and it won't be fast, there will be times when I am snowed under with work and art commissions, but I will work hard to make sure that no more than a couple of days pass without her seeing a needle.

Yesterday I worked on the 14th page here is where I am this morning, I am aiming for another 1000 stitches today. Then I have a pretty free weekend, lets see how much I can get done!!

I will update every day that I stitch on her in the hopes that it will keep me focussed. Thank you to everyone who looks at this blog, thank you for sticking with me over such a long span of time, I promise I will finish her and I very much hope that will be during 2014!