Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Finally, A Page Finish!

I'm so sorry it is taking me so long to update this project, I really wish I had more time to spend on her. I'm going to try to give her a little more time this year, I started her in May 2010 and am quite sad that I have only finished 5 pages in all that time.

Before I waffle on anymore, here is todays picture, 5 pages finished:

I've popped my stork scissors on for a sense of scale :) This is now the top line of pages finished.

Page 5 of 25 done, now onto page 6.......

Here are some stats for those who are interested, so far I have stitched 34,300 stitches, only 116900 to go. At this rate it is going to take me at least 3 more years to complete urgh!

The stitching so far measures 37.5 inches across the top, by 10.5 inches. I've just purchased another 90 threads, this brings my thread total to a scary 210 DMC skeins -eek!

I am on holiday for another week, so I am going to crack on, I'd love to get close to another page finish, not sure thats possible, but one of my new years resolutions is to put more time into this project. Ideally getting her half finished by the end of 2012.

Thank you very much for taking the time to read my blog, I hope to have another update for you alot sooner than last time!

Happy stitching s