Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Stitching, Drawing and More stitching :)

I have had a lovely relaxing Jubilee Weekend, I hope you have too.  The weather wasnt great, but it was the perfect excuse to stay home and craft, whilst watching everyone getting wet on the telly.

I have finished lots of small pieces over the weekend, these cushions were made using charts from the latest issue of Crazy, I requested tropical fish for the Crazy For section and was really thrilled when they did them, they are really lovely charts.

I also found this Margaret Sherry cutie in my drawer, so popped it through the sewing machine:

And, lastly I finally finished my dog portrait drawing, it took so many hours, but i'm pleased with him, I know that there are areas that are a bit 'fudged' and he looks alot rougher than I would like, but for this point in my course, i'm thrilled, I hope you like him x

This afternoon I am knitting a little orange blob, otherwise known as Zingy from the EDF energy adverts, my daughter is obsessed with him, so I promised to see what I could do.

Tonight, Night Queen is going back on the hoop!

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