Monday, 26 November 2012

We have an eye!

Finally a little bit of an update on Night Queen, one of the eyes is finished :) When working it, I was a little worried as it does look blocky right up close, but when you step back, it all comes together.

I am a couple of thousand stitches away from a page finish and I hope to share her with you in a couple of days :)

Here she is in my 21in hoop x


  1. Wow Caroline every time I see your updates on your HUUUUGE HAED project, I am rendered speechless. Just the enormity of everything. It looks amazing, good luck with the page finish. Cant wait to see it!!

    I just finished HAED on 14ct with 3 strands over 1 and I know what you mean about the blockyness. I thought mine looked a tad pixelated but once you pull back it looks awesome.

    Beautiful stitching xox

  2. This is awesome! Her eye looks amazing and I am looking forward to see that page finish =)