Wednesday, 26 May 2010

I spent yesterday afternoon organising threads, then I found a 12" hoop to use, which is a perfect size, then I popped in those first few stitches. I've gathered the extra fabric together in hair bands to stop it getting inthe way.

I tested with, 3, 4, 5 & 6 strands of DMC threads, 6 strands gave me the perfect coverage.

I normally like to get all of my threads together at the start of a new project, but I dread to think how many skeins of yarn this will take, so I will be ordering them as I go, I will try to remember to keep track on here, so that when I am finished I will know how many I used.

At the start I have 85 skeins. But using 6 strands at a time, I think I will be ordering more within the next week

The chart is 25 pages & a total of a whopping 151,200 stitches, I will be trying to keep track of the number of stitches done as I work as well.

I'm guessing that this will take me probably a couple of years to finish, I am going to post pictures of my progress & updates as I go along, so please feel free to follow & watch this take shape.


  1. Hi Carrie!! I would like to ask about how many strands needed for 14 count (for the perfect coverage)?

    I saw you are trying to make 18 count, but if I'm not mistaken you're using 6 over 2?


  2. Hi Cassie, i've not tried 14ct with HAED yet, with other 14ct projects I would tend to use 2 strands, but as HAEDs need really good coverage (especially the darker ones) you might want to do a test patch on some spare fabric with 2 strands, then with three strands & see which you like best.