Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Page 4 finished! Woop

Woohhoo, page 4 finally finished:

One of the biggest headaches (or should that be shoulder aches) with this weight and size of fabric is lifting the frame up and down to start and finish each thread. I use a floor stand with either a large hoop or a 12 inch square q-snap frame, and flipping the work all the time was taking its toll on the fabric, the frame/stand and my poor shoulder, this huge piece of fabric is really heavy!

I started to experiment, leaving the tails on the top of the fabric, some distance away from the section I was stitching, so that the tail would be worked over on the back of the fabric as I stitched, then when I got to the tail, I could just snip it off.

Its been a bit trial and error, but I think I have finally figured out a way which works for me, from now on, I will start each page from the top, working in rows of 10. I will start and finish the thread a full 10 rows below where I am stitching, this should make it easy to see where the tails finish and give me a clear working area.

It does use a bit more thread than usual, but i'm stitching much faster and enjoying it more. When I work on the next page I will take a couple of photos to help explain it better.

Now, I need to take a break for a few days as I have more work in, plus some drawing assignments to complete, but I will be back to it soon. Page 5 is a part page and only 3822 stitches, so i'm hoping it wont be too long before I can post my next page finish

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