Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Shhhhhhh dont disturb......I'm stitching!

This is the sign I need to tape to my head, so everyone leaves me to stitch lol

First off, apologies, I had great plans to get so much done over August, but the magazines had other ideas, so some manic stitching created works for Cross Stitcher, World of Cross Stitching and Crazy, leaving me with little time to do anything other than daydream of working on my HAED.

Now, I am officially on holiday!!! Yay! I spent the first couple of days catching up on course work assignments for my art diploma and a bit of knitting, but I am ready to pick up Night Queen and work to finish this page.

Quick calculations- page 4, I have 4998 stitches left, I will try to work 1000 today, then the same for the next 4 days and I should have the page finished before my next commission comes in next week.

Here are a couple of pictures of commissions which have been recently published

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