Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Busy, Busy, Busy

Before I type anything else, I want to say a very big thank you to everyone who takes the time to read my (very slow) blog, thank you so much! I have had some really lovely emails over the last few months, checking on my progress, offering advice and very kind comments on my drawings, you guys rock!

Since christmas I have been so busy with work, i've had little time to play and so no stitching or drawing was done. Until a couple of weeks ago, when I broke the pencils out and had a try at this handsome fella, he isnt perfect, but i'm pleased with how he turned out, my confidence was at a very low point and loosing myself with him for a couple of days was great therapy. I'm now working on an owl in graphite, plus trying to get my head around acrylics and colour for my course.

I also now have a few days off from work stitching to do my own stitching, Night Queen is back on the hoop! I'm about half way through the page, maybe a little more and am planning on really cracking on with her today and tomorrow to see how much I can get done, as long as I dont run out of threads I should be close to a page finish by the end of the week.............

I had such great plans to stitch on her in 2012, but its almost April and progress is so slow I'm determined April will not creep up on me before I finish this page.

I hope to be back very soon with a page finish and picture update :) Happy stitching xxx


  1. Caroline, your wolf is just amazing! I really wish that I could draw like that! You say that he is not perfect but I can't see anything wrong with him at all - you have captured him so well I almost expected him to blink! You are one talented lady!

    Night Queen is such an awsome undertaking - you are doing really well with her and I'm so looking forward to seeing your next update. Don't worry about how long she is taking, one stitch at a time and enjoy the journey!

    Jo :-)

  2. I've awarded you for a Liebster Award

  3. I think he is gorgeous!! Beautiful work!

  4. Hi Caroline! I too have awarded you the Liebster award! Hooray! You Rock!!! I just love your drawings! You are faabulous!!!

  5. Thank you Jo, its definately one stitch at a time, if I think of the whole piece, I must admit I feel like giving up, but I promise I stick with it :) Thank you for the comments on my Wolf, I do love him and enjoyed every pencil stroke.

    Crafty Pixie and Nic, thank you so much! I will have to go and have a read of your blogs, then I must figure out how to have a list of blogs on my blog, if you know what I mean lol