Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Very nearly at the page end

1200 stitches to go...... should be able to post a picture of my page finish in the morning tomorrow, phew, this page has been very slow going. Doesnt help, that this little guy keeps calling me back to finish him :)

Its been a mega busy couple of weeks, but worth it, submissions completed and sent for my art course, commissions for Card Shop finished, then the long easter weekend off to just sketch and stitch on Night Queen, just what I needed to re-charge the creative batteries.

I have a question to ask of my fellow stitchers, have you ever tried 'Parking' your threads? The system I have with Night Queen of leaving the tails at the front when i've finished working them has helped, I dont have to move the hoop all the time to loop the ends in, but its proving slow and quite costly and wasteful threadwise. As the financial side of the project is starting to mount up a bit, saving a few pounds on threads per page is something I need to think about.

I do remember trying parking once on All Hallows Eve, but I couldnt get to grips with it, I found it fiddly and confusing, but i'm thinking it might be worth a try again for this project.

So, if you've tried it and have any advice, or a web link to a tutorial, would you mind sharing?

I promise to return tomorrow with a picture of Night Queen, I'm quite excited to see it myself, while the fabric is all rolled up on the hoop, I cant really see the design at all, it will be nice to take it off and roll it out, see how it is coming together.

Thanks readers and happy stitching :)


  1. Oh my GOSH that doesn't even look stitched! Absolutely stunning! Sorry I can't help with parking. I grid each page and stitch each color one at a time per page. I find that that not only saves more thread but helps progress go faster (at least for me).

  2. Beautiful! I am looking forward to see Night Queen:-) I never tried parking as I feel I would be in too much danger to create a very big knot (only speaking of mgetting tangled with too much different colors. I like to stitch the most important colors first(in a certain part) and then fill in the rest. It kind of works faster for me.