Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Happy Dance, Page 6 finished!

Finally........ thanks for sticking with me.

With my son, who wouldnt move until I took his picture :)

Full sized shot- fabric measures 54 inches across the top and 57 inches top to bottom, with a skein of DMC thread for scale, stitched in 6 strands over 2 on 18ct fabric, so it works out at 9stitched per inch.

And a closer shot

Its nice to lay it out and look at how far i've come, you dont see it when you are stitching something this big, until you can step back.

Now, I will take a thread stocktake as I will need to place another order before I can start the next page, I'm also buying a new 18 inch quilting hoop, ideally I would like to finish the next page by the end of June, but it will be a bit tight I think with all of the other things I have on.

I will update as and when I can, I hope you enjoy the pictures.



  1. Amazing - love watching your progress on this huge project x

  2. This is going to be really stunning (it already is)! I think it will be very heavy on carrying it even with a big hoop when you're approaching to end. Not that a skein of dmc is heavy, but working with six strands...

  3. I think the title of this blog is very, very accurate - that thing is HUGE! But AWESOME!

  4. OMG!! It is Gorgeous so far! Can't wait to see her face, tho! I love the piece you have chosen. Molly Harrison is one of my faves, too! ^_^