Saturday, 14 April 2012

Think I've found my Groove ;)

After 6 pages of trial and error, stitching trouble and thread problems, I think i've finally found the way which works best for this large project.

I'm still waiting to order my quilting hoop, got to wait for payday :) Not sure yet whether to go for the 18 or 21 inch, I'm thinking the 21 might be best.

I have started the next page and instead of working my 10x10 squares in a horizontal row as I would do with any other project, I've tried working a vertical column, why didnt I do this before? I've cut the first column from the chart page 10 stitches across and half the page length -40 stitches down, using magnets i've attached it onto the fabric so I can see it easier. I start with the first colour in the top square and then stitch all of that colour, line by line until I reach the bottom of the chart piece I have out, then I pull the thread through about 12 stitches away, leave the tail at the front and cut, then choose the next colour and do the same, until the chart section is finished.

Its so much easier and faster than stitching across the chart and i'm wasting far less thread.

The first column is already complete :) Not sure how much longer i'll be able to work on her before I get my next lot of commissions, but i'm hoping to finish another column or two before I put her away again.

I did a quick thread count and nipped out to buy 6 I had run out of, this brings my skein total to 216! Its a good thing this project is taking so long really, i'd never be able to afford these threads all at once.

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