Monday, 28 May 2012

Page 7, very nearly almost done

I've really enjoyed working on Night Queen recently, I seem to have gotten used to the large piece of fabric and how to hold it to stitch as easy as possible.  But these last few days its been too hot to stitch with the fabric drapped over me, so although I only have about 1000 stitches to do, getting them done has not been easy.

Thankfully, weather man has told me its going to cool down a bit -phew, so watch this space, I hope to be back in the next day or two with a new update and page finish.  I'm really looking forward to taking the fabric off and laying it out.  When I'm stitching on it, its really difficult to see what i'm actually stitching, it all looks like just random squares until you take it off and stand back, then the picture comes to life.

Whilst I havent been stitching, I am working away on my art course, i've now completed my Drawing And Painting Diploma, and have moved onto a Pets Portrait course, I'm finding this very challenging, but so much fun, here are the first couple of drawings I have completed for the course:


  1. Wow Caroline! How talented are you??? Your drawings are amazing and so life like. You're stitching is truly stunning as well. I still get a little shock when I read 6 strands over 2 on 18ct. OMG quite the challenge but it looks well worth it so far. Good luck with all your creative endeavours. xox

  2. Wow, your drawing look amazing!
    I used to do a bit of drawing when I was a lot younger (about 14 or so) but I was never as good as that. You can be proud of your drawings =)