Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Finally! I do not know what it was about this page, I just seemed to get a massive block with it, I dread to think how long I spent on it, it must have been over 6 months.

But I am so pleased I stuck it out and I am hopefully over the block now and ready to keep going with this project, first few stitches are already into page number 9.  If I really stick with it, I am wondering if I can complete another page before the end of the year?

The page has 7220 stitches, that would mean an average of 277 stitches per day, every day until 31st December...............I reckon I can do it! Watch this space lol

So here she is:

 And with my kitty cat for scale :)

Now I am off to do a quick thread inventory and order for the page ahead, then on with the stitching!


  1. How wonderful =) Congratulations on finishing the page =)

  2. Wonderful stitching, I dont think I could work on so big a project :-)

  3. Wow she is looking wonderful - and cute kitty! :D

  4. she's beautiful, congrats on your progress ;0)