Monday, 12 October 2015

Good News and Bad News

First up, thank you to everyone who has contacted me about this project, your comments and messages mean the world to me, thank you for taking an interest in my project.

I do have a little update picture for you :)  I decided that parking would be a good way to be economical with the threads for these last 3 pages, so here she is all gridded up and with a few hundred stitches in.
So that is the good news, the bad news is a little less pretty.....

I have this week become very disappointed with the HAED business & in particular, their treatment of past customers and supporters (including myself) now I am not going to put it all up here and I won't go into details..

But the result is, that I am no longer able to support or recommend Heaven and Earth designs, I will continue to support the Cross Stitch world, cause I love it and there are some incredible designers out there, but this is one business who will never see another penny from me.

This has deeply saddened me, I had hoped to really dedicate myself to this project and work towards finishing her this year, so that I could start another of their charts.

Now, I WILL finish this project, I owe myself that much, but at the moment I have lost all love for it. She will be packed away for now, probably until the new year, when I am not feeling so upset and angry.

I thank you all for your wonderful support and I promise to update you when I have stitched more.

I do not know if anyone from HAED reads this blog, but if they do, I am very, very disappointed...

Happy Stitching guys xx


  1. Now I'm curious as to what's gone on to make you so cross. It must have been something quite drastic and I'm sorry you feel that way. Try not to dwell on it and please don't put her away for too long. :)

  2. I'm curious too what happened. I haven't had any trouble with them they even cancelled an order for me so I could order a different one (which I still haven't done). I'm sorry for whatever happened but don't let a bad experience ruin all of the work you've put into her. I understand putting her away for a bit but just think of how lovely she is and how you're supporting the artist.