Monday, 11 August 2014

Page 14 is all finished :)

I did it! I finally finished another page, 6 more pages to go still, but this felt like a major milestone for some reason and I am so pleased that I finished page 14 :)

So far I have completed 89875 stitches, I have 44175 stitches to go.........

I managed to squeeze in a couple of hundred stitches on the new page last night, but I am almost totally out of threads.  Today I will do a stock take and write out an order for this page (361 threads ordered for her so far).

I would like to say that the next page will be finished by the end of the month, but knowing how things go here, I won't make any plans, instead I will just stitch on her as and when I can.


  1. She's fabulous, and I love your scale model!

  2. Wow! I just stumbled upon your blog. I love HAED charts and this one is gorgeous. Your 2nd photo had me wondering how big this was, so I had to go back a few years to see. What a gorgeous throw blanket this will be. Beautiful work.